Wildest Dreams

Posted on: Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I made it back from Nepal, the Himalayas, Everest BC! I had to jump right back into work, and it is work back to back ALL THE TIME. No one told me that I’d have 20 jobs being my own boss.

Now looking back, my adventure wasn’t that scary at all. Up there though was rough and quite a struggle. Here are some quick thoughts during the trek.

Dingboche day 7 “Waking up in the frigid cold thinking we could’ve gone to Vegas, the park, or the aquarium. It is risky with low oxygen. People got altitude sickness left and right and got lifted by helicopters. This is really not for the faint heart, it requires a ton of physical and mental strength, sometimes that’s not even enough.”

Today we’ve arrived at Gorak Shep village for lunch at 16,859 feet, and on our way to Everest base camp. It’s been a real struggle, I hiked in the snow yesteday and today up and down steep rocky paths. The air is getting thinner and harder to breathe, especially with a cold. The views are amazing tho so I guess it’s worth it.

At 17,594 feet or something like that. I’ve never been tested like this. I know that it requires alot of mental &physical strength, some determination, but I think someone above is just looking after me and our amazing guide. This has been the most difficult adventure and humbling experience in my life.

Here are some highlights of pictures until I can find time to write full posts about each place. We are heading north to Bodega Bay to spend Thanksgiving with family. So that is one day break for me, maybe.

File Oct 01, 5 45 13 PM

Dinner @ Vertigo in Bangkok, Thailand


Cleaning Bupa in Thailand


Walking this tiger guy in Thailand


Relaxing in Koh Samui, Thailand


A little Muay Thai workout in Koh Samui, Thailand


Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi 2015


Dubai Marina


Burj in the background


Cooling off in October


On the way to Mount Everest


Mount Everest Base Camp 2015


Kala Patthar elevation: 18,514feet (5,550m)


Kala Patthar (Black Rock)