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Spring things

Posted on: Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I was dating this entry January then realize that it’s now March.  What do I do when caffeine kicks in right before bedtime ahhh!  I guess catch up with everything including blogging, or put other to-do items off and blog for fun.  I finally put up a couple of entries in the photo blog of trynhphoto.com yay!

But first, let me set my alarm before I oversleep for meetings tomorrow morning.  I still think the best days are when I don’t have to set my alarm clock, but the struggle is real being a real adult.

I need help planning my friend’s bachelorette party!  It seems like she’s been doing most of the planning, bc even in corporate you’d still have more time than a CEO of a startup!  Sometimes I miss corporate, just kidding, I don’t.

The plan is back to Turkey, head to Israel, and end it in Ibiza.  I’m looking forward to seeing Petra and adding to the check off list.

Here are some random pictures from recently:


Vegas with fiancé, bestie + her fiancé 🙂


Dress: NBD/clutch: Givenchy/Shoes: Ivanka Trump


There’s more to Vegas than clubs


Fire Valley Park


Red on red Ferrari 580? and Mikey 😉


Everyone needs a photographer 🙂

All this time

Posted on: Thursday, August 20, 2015

“I was finding myself, and I didn’t know that I was lost…”   Scrolling through photos of the past, I don’t even know who I was LOL.  I think there was so many pieces of me scattered, trying to make everyone else happy.  Thank heaven all those roads closed, and detoured me to where I am today.  I’m comfortable and happy in my own skin, my life, where I live, and what I do. There are still days, and I’ve come to accept that there will be days that are not perfect, and it is okay to feel unhappy sometimes.  It is okay to feel whatever that is you feel.

Lately, my mind feels cluttered with all this planning for things.  Today I cleaned out the house again.  Sometimes I like to just clean out and donate things that we don’t use anymore.  Less is more.

Some little hikes from this month to balance it all out 🙂




Lands End SF





Point Reyes, CA tree tunnel