My Workout & Diet

Posted on: Tuesday, January 21, 2014

People ask about my workout routine, for awhile now I wrote it all down so I can just c&p and send.  Although, I change it all up every now and then.  Please feel free to ask me any questions.

Latest progress January 2014
My cardio (30-45 minutes if you’re toning down, I do 15-20 minutes to warm up when I’m trying to build muscle not lose weight) could be: biking, running, walking, jogging, spinning, sprinting, elliptical, stairs, kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, P90X, jump rope depending on how I’m feeling that day.
You can find tons of videos, instructions to exercises in fitness magazines & YouTube.  I write down all of my workouts, time, exercises & reps.  I usually do 10-12 reps of each exercises 4 times.
Monday: Rest day 🙂 (resting is just as important, your workout won’t be effective if you’re tired)
Tuesday: Legs + boxing
-Side kicks/front kicks/back kicks/round-house kicks
-One-legged deadlifts
-Leg curl
-Stiff-legged deadlifts
-One-legged leg presses (pushing thru toes)
-Leg extensions (one leg per set)
-HIIT (High-intensity cardio training) 20-30mins:
Sprint 1 min
Walk/jog 1 min
Sprint on incline 1 minute
Walk/jog 1 min
Repeat circuit 4X
Wednesday: Back, biceps +abs
-Lat pull-downs
-Plank rows
-Seated rows
-Alternating jabs/jab-cross-hook
-Alternating knee raises
-Biceps curls
-Preacher curls
-Bent-over curls
-Back hyperextensions
-Hanging leg raises
-Kneeling one-arm dumbbell rows
-Assisted chinups
-HIIT (High-intensity cardio training) 20-30mins:
Thursday: Shoulders, triceps + Pilates
-Triceps extensions
-Dumbell chest press
-Dumbell fly
-Overhead tricep dip
-Rear-delt flyes
-External arm rotations (elbows at 90)
-Lateral arm raises
-Shoulder presses
-Triceps cable pulldowns
-Alternating cross-body punches
-External shoulder rotations (elbow at 90)
-HIIT 20-30minutes
Friday: Chest, abs + kickboxing
-Seated Russian twists (weighted)
-Mountain climbers with gliders on toes (1min)
-Weighted pulley crunches
-Crunches on Bosu ball
-Planks (front & side)
-Chest presses (flat bench)/pushups
-Incline bench presses
-Incline flyes
-Decline bench presses
-Clapping pushups
-Swiss-ball crunches
-HIIT 20-30minutes or kickboxing
Sat or Sun: Quads, glutes + yoga
-Heels-up cyclist squats
-Squats/jump squats
-Lateral jump/burpees
-Lunges/jumping lunges
-Front to back lunges
-Sumo squats
-Bulgarian split squats
-hip raise
-Glute-hip extensions (hip thrusters)
-Kneeling donkey kicks using pulley-HIIT 20-30mins
Meal 1  – Breakfast
– Oatmeal, low Cal cereal, 1 whole egg 2egg whites  OR
-A shake with half a cup of natural fresh mixed berries (no added sugar)
+1 cup of raw oats + 1 scoop of protein
– Warm water with lemon & freshly sliced ginger
Meal 2 –  Snack
– 1 medium apple + 1/4 cup natural almonds or nuts + a few berries
Meal 3  – Lunch
Salad OR
Steamed veggies (zucchini, squash, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.)
– 1 cup of organic green tea (I use honey for sweetener sometimes)
Meal 4 – Snack
  1/3 cup of berries
– 1 cup of organic green tea with squeeze of lemon
Protein Shake (20mins before workout)
Protein Post Workout Shake – (Straight after workout) –
Meal 5- Dinner
Grilled Salmon (or 4 oz Talapia/Seabass/Chicken/Turkey)
+veggies, brown rice, sometimes pasta but whole grain
OR Mediterranean salad
  • I stay away from coffee & dairy products – Milk, cheese ect.. (I never had a taste for these things anyway).  I drink tea for caffeine, this speeds up your metabolism.
  • I try to drink a lot water (should drink 5-6 liters per day), but I still don’t drink enough bc I’m lazy
  • No Alcohol!
  • I allow myself 1 meal off per week.
  • Avoid store bought juices, coffee, milk & sugary drinks/energy drinks
  • Avoid table salt, some sea salt is ok, but use sparingly
  • I also avoid artificial sugar, those are worse for you than actual sugar due to chemical processing
Great alternative to milk:
Organic almond milk, soy milk, rice milk which are all still great if you still love your milk but want to replace it with something healthier!
REMEMBER everyone is different with different needs when it comes to giving your body the nutrition it requires.  What works for one person might not work for the other.
When you allow yourself one meal off per week it stops your body from craving all of those unhealthy foods and consuming them all at once, then regretting doing so. We are all human beings and do enjoy eating our favorite chocolates, cheeses or desserts…So turn healthy living into a lifestyle and you can have your treat & not feel bad about it!
Not eating or skipping meals SLOWS down your metabolism, so when you DO eat something your body immediately stores it as fat as it doesn’t know when its next meal is coming…so, to have explained it briefly but in a way that’s easy to understand – DON’T SKIP MEALS. Eat healthy, clean & nutritious foods on a REGULAR basis.