All this time

Posted on: Thursday, August 20, 2015

“I was finding myself, and I didn’t know that I was lost…”   Scrolling through photos of the past, I don’t even know who I was LOL.  I think there was so many pieces of me scattered, trying to make everyone else happy.  Thank heaven all those roads closed, and detoured me to where I am today.  I’m comfortable and happy in my own skin, my life, where I live, and what I do. There are still days, and I’ve come to accept that there will be days that are not perfect, and it is okay to feel unhappy sometimes.  It is okay to feel whatever that is you feel.

Lately, my mind feels cluttered with all this planning for things.  Today I cleaned out the house again.  Sometimes I like to just clean out and donate things that we don’t use anymore.  Less is more.

Some little hikes from this month to balance it all out :)




Lands End SF





Point Reyes, CA tree tunnel


Cheers to more

Posted on: Sunday, July 26, 2015

Once again, I forgot to write until yesterday one of my client told me that they read my blog lol.  Time is always flying by way too fast.  I just celebrated another birthday, but who’s counting.  I think I try not to cry as I age each year.  I went skydiving with my fiancé and his father this year instead of burying my face under a pillow lol.

It’s Sunday morning, my favorite days are when I’m sipping on my tea (the one today is one that Mike got for me from Starbucks).  Decompressing all my thoughts and catching up on responding to my friends :)
It’s official, I booked my ticket to come home from Kathmandu, Nepal.  That means I will be going to Mount Everest!  It’s getting real, real scary that is.  I’ve been reading, researching and learning so many things of what to expect.  But I’m okay living life with the unexpected, makes it all much easier to accept.  I’m also making a quick stop in Dubai for brunch, or a weekend with my USAF friends.
I wake up each morning, turn on my music play list and dance a little bit before I work.  I used to never do that when I was in corporate LOL, I do not like mornings especially ones where I was forced to wake up.  Sometimes I wonder if I should’ve gone to John Hopkins, become a surgeon (with hyperhidrosis and all), or continue the corporate executive path.  There’s no use of looking back, come to think of it I’m much happier this way.  Life is more rewarding doing what your heart loves.  Cheers to more awesome adventures to come!